Susan Murphy  Registered Massage Therapy


As a hockey referee, I use sports massage as part of my post match recovery. Susan is professional, personable and incredibly effective – she is the best sports/remedial Massage Therapist I have ever used.
– Jeff, Australia

I have had tendonitis a couple times now and the pain is gone. Susan is very knowledgeable about what makes the muscles, tendons and soft tissues function properly. She understands deep massage. Thanks for the relief.
 – Eric, Waterloo

Susan is very professional. She made me feel at ease and helped make my muscles feel back to normal after just two visits. She took extra time with me to explain what I could expect.
– Debra, Cambridge

Susan has a gift of healing hands which transpires into a wonderful therapeutic massage experience. She has the ability of making you feel relaxed and comfortable the moment you walk into the room. I trust in Susan’s ability to help relieve my stress areas and to rejuvenate my body. I highly recommend Susan for Massage Therapy Services whether you need a relaxing massage or require a deep tissue treatment. In the famous words of Jim Rohn, “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” Let Susan help you take care of your body.
– Joanne, Kitchener

I initially went to Susan for a sports related muscle strain and pain and realized that the her Massage Therapy was excellent and relaxing. I have continued going to her many times annually for deep tissue Massage Therapy. Her work is top quality and I highly recommend her for anyone seeking deep tissue massage or relaxation massage.
 – Gary, Kitchener

Susan is a detailed conscientious practitioner. Her hard working and ethical mentality makes her a very reliable and caring practitioner who performs her best for her patients. She continuously goes above and beyond in order to make sure that her patients receive the best quality care.
 – Alrick, Brampton